• The INFOMAX team creates a library of content from advertising material provided by each client (videos, animations, flash player, PDFs, PowerPoint presentations etc...).
  • The media content can be consulted and chosen « on-line » by each client.
  • The content to be shown is implemented and the broadcast schedule programmed.



  • Content management software and media players which are user-friendly.
  • Professional HD screens available in several sizes (36˝, 40˝, 50˝, etc).
  • Possibility of dividing the screen in a mosaic type display to broadcast several elements of content simultaneously.
  • Optional possibility of placing the screen on stand-by remotely.
  • Remote access to content updates and management, with no need for intervention by staff.
  • On-line management of content enabling to predetermine specific broadcast schedules.
  • Promotional content in synch with traditional signage.
  • Possibility of creating custom-made content destined for a specific client.
  • Video clips intended to catch people's attention (for example: weather, quizzes, money-markets, news, etc...)