Fast-food type restaurants mainly use printed posters to display their menus. However an ever-increasing number are turning to digital signage to create a more dynamic atmosphere and increase sales. The animation catches the attention of clients and helps promote the more profitable foods.

The benefits linked to the use of digital signage in the context of fast-food restaurants:

  • Prices can be adjusted instantly from one restaurant to another in order to keep up with the competition.
  • Some items can be displayed at targeted times in order to maximise their promotional impact (for eample, the breakfast menu in the morning, lunchtime menu at noon and the evening menu in the evening).
  • Additional messages can be displayed instantly by means of a horizontally-scrolling banner of text.
  • Animated display content reduces the impact of long waiting lines.
  • Advertisements can be modified as and when required and offers which have expired can easily be deleted from the broadcast schedule.

The advantages of digital signage for franchisers:

  • Enables to create and maintain a consistent image from one branch to another.
  • Enables to improve communication with your clients.
  • Allows you to generate additional revenue by means of selling advertising space to your suppliers.
  • Generate statistics regarding what content is broadcast by geographical location or by date.
  • Control what content each operator displays on their screens.
  • Know the status of your network of screen displays real time.